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Choosing a remodeler SEEMS like a pretty simple process, right?  Get a few quotes, choose one and you’re off to the races.  The reality is sometimes not quite so simple.  We’ve all heard the stories . . .  from products that are junk, fail or just plain don’t work to dealing with shoddy workmanship and contractors that disappear into witness protection programs once they have your money.  Our industry tops the list in consumer complaints.  The painful truth is we have found that many times homeowners just don’t get the results they WANT AND DESERVE when having work done on their homes.

There are many home improvement companies eager for your business.  We’re honored you are considering L.J. Stone, Inc. for your project.  Your home is one of your most important and valuable assets.  We don’t take the opportunity to work with you lightly.  To us, in our line of work, there is NOTHING more important than providing high quality products backed with superior craftsmanship to help turn your house into your dream home.

Understanding L.J. Stone

To understand L.J. Stone, Inc. you must understand Larry J. Stone.  Born in Ash Ridge, Alabama, Larry moved as a young boy to Muncie, Indiana in the 1950’s with his family so his father could take a job in the booming auto factories of the Mid-West.  His life in a working class family, growing up in a blue collar community that understood hard work and the value of a dollar, taught him life lessons that he would carry on into his adult life and eventually into the business that bears his name.

Starting out as a door to door salesperson, he began building his remodeling business in 1967.  The philosophy then and now is pretty common sense – Do what you said you were going to do, Put the best effort you can into whatever you do, Take care of your family.  His straightforward approach and unwavering commitment to customer service laid the groundwork for a thriving remodeling business that has grown to be nationally recognized for the level of superior service and the highest quality products.

We’ve grown and evolved from that simple door to door approach to Central Indiana’s premier provider of remodeling products and services.  What hasn’t changed is the cornerstone of our foundation:

  • GOOD PEOPLE – Merriam Webster (US Informal and old fashioned) an honest, helpful or morally good person
  • SOLID SYSTEMS – Clear expectations and proven systems for the best performance
  • SUPERIOR PRODUCTS – Quality products and workmanship backed with REAL warranties


Larry retired from active business life in 2006 but not before spending decades mentoring and developing a core leadership team including the current President and Owner, Trent Stone.  As a second generation owner, you can say remodeling is in his blood.  His tutelage began in 1982 as a teenager working in the warehouse, manufacturing windows and unloading trucks.  He learned the business from the ground up, spending time in every role from sweeping up floors to sales and management.  Put simply, the values and belief system started in 1967 are baked into our company’s DNA.

We believe customers deserve nothing less than a professional remodel for their hard earned money, backed by a company that honors its commitments to both customers and employees.  Let us show you what we have done to change the way remodeling work gets done in Indiana and we’ll let you be the judge.


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