Can You Remodel a Bathroom in a Weekend?

Can You Remodel a Bathroom in a Weekend?Like many people, you most likely spend your week working, leaving the weekend as your only time to complete personal projects. While these two short days can be enough time for small DIYs, you may be wondering if you can remodel a bathroom in a weekend. Your hesitancy is understandable, because a full-scale bathroom renovation can potentially include complex tasks. Here are some ways you can transform your bathroom without diving into a weeks—or even months—long project:

Update the Walls

Are the colors of your walls or the décor hanging on them bringing you down? You’d be surprised how big of a difference picking a new paint color and hanging new decorative items can make. Since bathrooms aren’t typically large rooms, you can usually paint them in only one weekend. Then, as soon as the paint dries, you can put up some stylish new mirrors and artwork.

Swap Out the Fixtures

Outdated fixtures can be a big culprit when it comes to your bathroom looking drab. This is another easy fix that can be completed in one weekend. Changing out the sink faucet, cabinet handles, towel bars, and even the shower curtain can drastically update the whole bathroom.

Focus on the Wet Area

When you really evaluate the condition of your bathroom, what’s the thing that needs the most TLC? Is it your bathtub or shower? By focusing your efforts on replacing your wet area fixture with a stunning update, you can greatly enhance the appearance of the entire space. And believe it or not, this is a project that can be completed in only one day!

When you partner with L.J. Stone Co., Inc., we can provide you with a gorgeous new bathtub or shower that will beautify your bathroom. Plus, we can typically install our wet area products in only one day, allowing you to remodel your bathroom during a weekend. Contact us today to learn more about our stunning bath remodel options!

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