Do You Need to Have a Tub in Your Home?

White bathtub with marbled shower wallsWhen you imagine a bathroom, you probably picture a few things: a sink, a toilet, and probably a tub/shower combination. Even sprawling master bathrooms often have a shower and a separate standalone tub. However, if you find yourself only touching your bathtub to occasionally clean it, you may be wondering if you even need to have a tub in your home. It’s totally up to you! To help guide your decision on whether or not to keep your tub, here are some factors to consider:

Do You Have Kids or Pets?

While you may not use your bathtub yourself, it can be the perfect place to bathe your children and fur babies. Even if they’re not in your life currently, any kids arriving in the near future can be a good reason to keep at least one tub in your home.

Are You Going to Sell your Home?

Is there any chance that you’ll eventually sell your house? If that’s a definite plan somewhere down the line, it’s best to leave the tub alone because most homeowners will want to have at least one inside the home.

Are You Aging in Place?

Are you planning to spend the later years of your life living in your home? To accommodate your changing bathing needs, you may consider swapping out your tub for a safer system such as a walk-in bathtub or barrier-free shower.

Whether you’re in need of an updated bathtub or want to replace it with a walk-in system, you can count on L.J. Stone Company, Inc., to help you with the project. We’ve been dedicated bathroom remodelers serving Indiana homeowners since 1967, offering a range of top-quality bathtub and shower options and dedicated service. Contact us today to make your bathroom dreams a reality!

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