How Do I Prepare My House for Replacement Windows?

How Do I Prepare My House for Replacement Windows?You’ve done the research, picked the perfect replacement windows for your home, and partnered with a reliable and professional company for the installation. Now that the project date is nearing, you may be wondering, “How do I prepare my house for replacement windows?” While your window contractor will handle all of the big tasks on the day of the installation, you want to be sure you’ve done all of the little things to make it a successful project. Here’s a to-do list with any steps that might be necessary to prepare for your replacement windows.

1. Deactivate Any Alarm Systems

If you have a home alarm system, your windows are most likely connected to it. Either disconnect them yourself or make an appointment to have your home security company disconnect the alarms and then reconnect them after your new windows are installed.

2. Remove Anything From the Walls

Maybe you’ve got curtain rods, pictures, or shelves hanging near your windows. Whatever is on the walls around your windows, it’s best to take them down and put them somewhere safe before the installation. This way, nothing will be in the installer’s way and you won’t have to worry about something falling and breaking.

3. Protect Nearby Furniture

Overall, try to get any furniture out of the way by at least a couple of feet so the crew has plenty of room during the installation. However, if there’s anything that can’t be moved or might still be close enough to get some dust or debris on it, protect your furniture with blankets or sheets.

4. Trim Your Landscaping

Are there any bushes, trees, or shrubs right outside of your windows? Window installations almost always require exterior access to the windows as well, so you’ll want to trim these back to give the crew plenty of space without getting scratched or attacked by a branch.

5. Set Up Shop

Designate a separate workspace for the installers to set up their equipment. While this can usually be a driveway, you may also consider blocking off some space in the garage in case of rain or an unusually cool day. No matter the area you have in mind, most window contractors will be sure to leave your property as clean as they found it.

6. Keep Your Family Away

While we love our children and pets, they can both be hard to contain and may get in the way of your window installers while they’re hard at work. Plan ahead to either keep them in a part of the house separate from the installations or maybe get them completely out of the house and send them to grandma’s for the day.

As experienced window installers ourselves, L.J. Stone Company, Inc., would be happy to give you extra information for how to prepare your house for replacement windows. Since we offer and install windows, we are well aware of what homeowners need to do before having us arrive at their properties. Contact us today to speak with a knowledgeable member of our team.

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