How to Create a Spa at home for yourself

Going to a spa is an excellent way to pamper oneself and enjoy a moment of relaxation away from the hustles and bustle of daily life. However, it’s not always feasible to make a trip to a spa every time we need to unwind.

The good news is that it’s possible to create a spa-like atmosphere at home, allowing you to indulge in a little self-care whenever you need it. Here are a few tips to get that spa sensation at home:

Incorporate Real or Fake Plants

Incorporating real or fake plants is the easiest way to make your bathroom feel like a spa. Having them on the floor, countertop, and hanging from the ceiling will instantly transport you to a vacation spa. If your bathroom doesn’t offer enough natural light or you can’t seem to keep your plants alive, fake plants are the way to go.

Declutter and Prioritize Space

A crowded countertop is not conducive to a relaxing experience. First start by throwing away any products that have expired or you have never used. Now that all the extra is gone it’s time to focus on what is seen. Leave only what is used everyday on the countertop and place everything else in cabinets and draws.

Lots of Plush White Towels

One thing that is synonymous with spas are the fluffy luxurious white towels. Leave some rolled in stacks. If your bathroom is close to the laundry room you can place your towel in the dryer for 5 minutes for that warm sensation. You could also invest in a towel warmer to take your experience to the next level.

Luxurious Shower Head

Swap your standard shower head for a luxurious model and transform your daily routine into a full-on spa treatment. With a large number of features to choose from you can have a handheld massaging spray pattern with rain emulations all at the same time. If there is room left in the budget you can think about upgrading your other bathroom fixtures in the same style.

Soft Muted Colors

If you want your bathroom to feel like a peaceful paradise, you have to think about the colors. Choosing soft, muted hues will transport your from a standard bathroom to floating on clouds. You want to skip high contrast colors and instead use neutrals like seafoam green and sky blue.

Uniform Aesthetic Containers

Make your spa-inspired bathroom even more special by adding some extra touches, such as beautiful bath products that match your color scheme. If your go-to items don’t have pretty packaging, you can always pour them into attractive uniform bottles. Clear glass jars are perfect for storing small items like cotton pads and sponges. And to create a truly luxurious feel, arrange your toiletries on a tray near the sink.

Extra Storage Cabinets & Shelves

To keep your bathroom looking clean and tidy, make sure you have plenty of storage options. Besides cabinets and drawers, consider adding baskets, hooks, shelves, and even furniture to maximize your storage space. Group similar items together and use small containers to further organize and categorize your belongings. By keeping everything in one place, getting ready in the morning will be a breeze.

Plush Bath Rugs

Make your bathroom extra comfortable by adding some soft and plush rugs to the floor. Not only do they look great and add some cozy vibes, but they’ll also save your feet from cold tile floors on those chilly mornings. Just be sure to choose a mat made from quick-drying materials for the area outside your tub or shower to prevent mold and bacteria buildup.

Reflective Surfaces

To make your bathroom look bright and airy, add plenty of shiny and reflective surfaces. Big mirrors, chrome fixtures, and polished tiles can all make your bathroom feel light and fresh, which can lift your spirits. If your bathroom is still too dim, try adding more light fixtures or using brighter bulbs.


Some smells can take you to a peaceful state of mind in an instant. To make your bathroom a calming space, consider using aromatherapy with scents like lavender, rosemary, or ylang-ylang. There are easy ways to create a tranquil ambiance, such as using essential oil diffusers, scented candles, lotions, or soaps. Another option is to hang eucalyptus in your shower for a burst of refreshing fragrance when you start the water.

Shower Bench

Get inspired by high-end spas and hotels and add a water-resistant bench to your walk-in shower. This chic feature lets you sit and relax while enjoying the shower stream. Additionally, a shower bench can serve as a practical spot to place items like soap and shampoo or rest your foot when shaving.

Easy Listening Playlist

It’s all up to you now! If you want to fully enjoy your spa day, don’t forget to put some cucumber slices over your eyes and play some great music. Regardless of your music preferences, be it jazz, pop, djent, or country, having some good tunes is essential to complete your ultimate spa experience.



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