January Home Maintenance and Safety Checklist

January Home Maintenance and Safety Checklist


1. Clean the kitchen. Your kitchen has probably logged some overtime the past couple of months. Maybe it’s time to give your kitchen (and yourself) a break and order some takeout. But before you do, clean your range hood filter and refrigerator cooling coils so your kitchen is fresh and functioning properly when you decide to cook again.

2. Get organized.

  • Create a home inventory: Make a list of the items you’d want your insurance company to know about if you lost your home.
  • Update home files: Collect instruction manuals and warranties into a single file.
  • Declutter closets: Drop the dead weight of unused items.
  • Check batteries: Check bulbs and batteries in weather radios, flashlights, and other emergency gear. Restock your battery supply.

3. Perform house maintenance.

  • Inspect pipes: Catching a leak before it happens can save you from costly water damage.
  • Clean filters and vents: Clear debris from your dryer vents and other air vents so you can breathe easily.
  • Inspect house structure: Examine foundations, exposed beams, and your chimney for leaks, mold, cracks, and damage from pests.

4. Inspect bathrooms.

  • Replenish medical supplies like cold and cough medicine and vitamin C to prep for flu season.
  • Check for mold and make sure your bathroom’s vent fans are working correctly.

5. Plan for emergencies.

  • Inspect and test the safety devices like carbon monoxide and smoke detectors.
  • Check fire extinguishers.
  • Review your emergency plan with your family.

6. Upgrade outdoors.

  • Replace any burnt-out bulbs.
  • Consider installing security cameras.
  • Clear your gutters.

7. Keep your devices running smoothly.

  • Review the list of devices connected to your Wi-Fi.
  • Reset the Wi-Fi password.
  • Run a check on your devices.
  • Update apps.
  • Run the test mode on your security system’s control panel to fix bugs.
  • Check the status of medical alert devices.
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