Modern Bathroom Trends

Modern Bathroom TrendsOnce upon a time, virtually every home had a yellow or pink bathroom and bath/shower combinations were a staple. Along with many aspects of life, bathroom trends change over the years. While some design themes change year to year, there’s been an overall shift towards simplicity and elegance. After all, these are two things that will never go out of style. This theme has certainly influenced modern bathroom trends, which include:

Standalone Tubs & Walk-In Showers

While tub/shower combinations are practical, they can make some bathrooms feel cluttered. Many builders and homeowners are now opting for freestanding bathtubs and walk-in showers. While this isn’t a new trend (think claw foot bathtubs), the idea mixed with modern fixtures makes for a beautiful bathroom. Standalone tubs highlight the popular idea of self-care, allowing homeowners to treat themselves to a relaxing bath, while walk-in showers follow the modern trends of minimalism and clean lines. Overall, both fixtures heighten the sophistication and luxury of any bathroom.

Simple Colors & Accent Walls

When it comes to the colors that are popular for bathrooms, there are certainly a few different popular trends. Of course, neutrals still reign supreme, but many people are choosing to break up the color scheme with an accent wall. By having one wall of the bathroom painted in a deeper hue—like forest green, pumpkin red, or a rich shade of navy—it can add an eye-catching element and break up the space. Additionally, wallpaper is making a comeback—but not in the same exact way as 20 years ago. Wallpapers with big, geometric patterns are a hot-ticket item right now, as they serve as the centerpiece and eliminate the need for any other unnecessary wall décor.

Subway Tile & Shiplap

Of course, many people are aware of the hottest design trends right now: subway tile and shiplap. With rustic farmhouse being a popular theme for every aspect of the home, you can certainly incorporate it into your bathroom. The reason why this trend has blown up is that it creates many textural layers while still maintaining a balance in color. For example, subway tile works especially well in the bathroom when you use one color for both the tiles and the grout—typically white. With shiplap, you can buy real wood planks and paint them any color you want, but just keep in mind the trends mentioned in the previous section. In fact, a great way to combine the two trends is to make your accent wall a shiplap wall!

While it’s fun to follow trends, the most important thing is to create a bathroom that makes you happy and works for your own unique needs. As an experienced bathroom remodeling company, L.J. Stone Company, Inc., understands this well. We offer a variety of bathroom upgrades, including walk-in showers and replacement bathtubs, so that you can create a modern space that suits your preferences. We even proudly install walk-in bathtubs for homeowners who are in need of an easier, safer bathing experience.

If you’re embarking on a bathroom remodel and want to incorporate some of these fixtures into your space, you should contact L.J. Stone today. We’re happy to discuss our options over the phone or come to your home for a complimentary consultation.

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