Pros & Cons of Walk-In Tubs

Pros & Cons of Walk-In TubsIf you’re in the market for a new bathing fixture and you’re on the fence about investing in a walk-in tub, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons. The good news is, L.J. Stone Company, Inc., has you covered.

Pros of Walk-In Tubs

There’s a reason why walk-in tubs are such a popular investment among homeowners these days, as there’s no denying that they offer:

  • Top-notch safety benefits – Walk-in tubs are designed for easy entry, with a low-threshold door that allows you to step in and start enjoying your bath. Not to mention, you can often outfit your tub with grab bars and easily accessible seating.
  • Therapeutic relief – There’s nothing like unwinding and forgetting your troubles by soaking in a deep bathtub. Not to mention, some walk-in tubs come with hydrotherapy jets to further add to the experience.
  • Age-in-place friendliness – If you plan to grow old in the home you live in now, a walk-in tub is the perfect bathing fixture to have. The older you get and the more you slow down, the more you’ll need the safety and therapeutic benefits these tubs provide.

Cons of Walk-In Tubs

If you’re hesitant about investing in a walk-in tub, it may be because of:

  • Lengthy fill and drain times – Walk-in tubs can take a little bit to fill and then take even more time to drain. There are quick-drain technologies that come with some models, though.
  • Water usage – If you’re the type of homeowner who takes water conservation seriously, a walk-in tub may not be the best choice because of how much water they use.
  • Additional plumbing requirements – Depending on the layout of your bathroom and the pipes that run throughout your home, adding a walk-in tub may require some extra electrical and plumbing work.

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If a walk-in tub is the right choice for your needs and preferences, L.J. Stone Company, Inc., is the team to call. We’ve proudly been serving Central Indiana residents since 1967, and we’d love for you to be next on a long list of satisfied customers we’ve worked with over the years. Contact us today to take the first step toward the bathroom of your dreams!

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