Six Top Tips for Taking Back Control of Your Closet

6 Top Tips for Taking Back Control of your Closet

  1. Utilize wasted wall space. Instead of hanging belts, scarves, and other accessories on hangers that take up valuable rod space, try this trick. Attach a towel bar to blank wall space to create a custom-made display for your collection.
  2. Purge purposefully. Before you start cleaning your closet, decide who will get the items you are parting with. Knowing that your clothes are going to a homeless shelter, the local thrift shop, or a favorite charity, is a goal that you will feel good about.
  3. Organize with a plan. The best way to organize your closet is to arrange it into zones based on the way you use your wardrobe. For example: When getting dressed, do you think first in terms of garment type, season, colors, or occasion? Arrange your clothes with that in mind.
  4. Utilize office organizers. Get creative with on-shelf storage. Magazine files are a great way to store wristlets and clutches.
  5. Get resourceful with bulky clothes. Even though shoe organizers are convenient for your sneakers, they can also be used for bulky items such as sweaters that shouldn’t be stretched out on a hanger. Roll the sweaters before stowing them in the organizer.
  6. Organize your top shelf. When organizing your closet, you’ll love using shelf dividers. They can keep different items separate while preventing piles from falling over so you can stack items much higher.
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