Small Bathroom Redesign Ideas

Small Bathroom Redesign IdeasIt’s fairly typical that the larger the canvas or space you have, the more design opportunities you have. However, this doesn’t mean that remodeling a small area, such as a guest or half bathroom, is impossible. You can still create a completely new look that will impress guests and even make it a more functional space—and at a fraction of the cost of a larger or more comprehensive remodel! To give you some inspiration and guidance, here are some clever small bathroom redesign ideas that have proven to be effective:

Cornered or Minimalistic Sinks

When space is limited, you don’t want to waste all of it on a clunky sink. In very small bathrooms, a sink configured to fit in a corner can be a great space-saving option. If you’re plumbing doesn’t allow this, you can also opt for a slim pedestal sink that will take up as little room as possible.

Extend the Counter Over the Toilet

If you absolutely can’t do without a counter, try extending the surface area over the toilet. Not only will this give you extra storage space, but it will create a cohesive look that might give off the illusion of a bigger space.

Big Mirrors Act Magical

A common design trick that’s used to make a room appear bigger is a large mirror. By hanging a wide mirror rather than a small little medicine cabinet, you can make your small bathroom look that much bigger—plus, this will make it easier for you or your guests to check yourselves out.

Play Up Large Patterns

While many people prefer blank walls, some fun patterns can make your bathroom quite unique. If you’re interested in a more eye-catching wall design, use larger patterns and the rest of the space will feel that much bigger.

Utilize the Back of the Door

Since wall space is so limited in small bathrooms, you might not have the room for towel racks. Not to worry, because you can easily hang an over-the-door towel rack or even screw a hook into the back of the door.

Avoid Cabinets Doors

If you have some sort of vanity or storage cabinet in your bathroom, try taking any swinging doors off. Not only is open shelving a trend that’s in, but they offer storage without swinging doors that can get in the way and make the space cramped.

While these are only a select amount of options for redesigning your small bathroom, they are certainly a promising start. If you do find yourself wanting to remodel the shower or bathtub in your bathroom, you can partner with L.J. Stone Co., Inc., to find the perfect replacement. As an experienced bathroom remodeler, we offer a range of products and services including walk-in showers and bathtubs, tub-to-shower conversions, and more. Whatever remodeling option you decide on, you can feel confident that L.J. Stone Co., Inc.’s trained and capable technicians will perform a professional job.

If you need some design inspiration for any bathroom in your home, feel free to contact L.J. Stone Co., Inc. One of our dedicated team members would be happy to discuss ideas in-depth with you.

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