The Best Windows for Each Room


The Best Windows for Each RoomUnless you built your home yourself, you probably never gave much thought to the types of windows that adorn your house. Now, it’s time to replace your windows with newer models and you may be wondering which window styles are the best for each room. There technically aren’t any right or wrong styles—you have complete control over how you remodel your own home. However, there are certain window styles that work well for particular rooms and therefore are a popular request among homeowners. Here, they are broken down room by room:

Living Room

For most homes, the living room serves as the centerpiece. This is where your family gathers to watch movies, play board games, and entertain guests. So, it only makes sense to have a large window installed to enhance your living room and offer ample lighting. Picture windows feature one, big fixed-pane frame and are common to living rooms, while bay and bow windows are projection-style and therefore create additional storage or seating. Any of these styles will boast expansive outdoor views and light up your living room.


Kitchen windows are frequently located above the sink, which means they’re not always the easiest to access while you’re in the midst of cooking or baking. For a window style that boasts simple operation and offers plenty of ventilation, opt for a sliding window. You’ll be able to quickly slide open your window even when you’re elbow-deep in cookie dough. Meanwhile, for homeowners who like to grow their own herbs, a garden window is the perfect addition to your kitchen. These windows extend beyond your home and feature three-glass walls, creating the perfect sunny spot to grow small plants.


Like most people, you probably want a fair amount of privacy in your bedroom but don’t want to completely sacrifice natural light—so you should pick a fairly average-sized window. Double-hung and casement windows are both ideal for bedrooms because of their standard size and easy operation. If you get hot in the middle of the night, you can easily slide or swing open these windows to let a cool breeze drift in.


A room where you want total privacy is the bathroom. Awning or hopper windows are usually smaller in size and installed higher up on the wall of a room, making them a great option for your bathroom. Plus, if your shower gets a little too steamy then these windows easily tilt in our out for instant ventilation.

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