What Time of Year Is Best to Replace My Windows?

What is the Best Time of Year to Replace Your Windows?

Areas like Indiana experience all four seasons, with winters being especially chilly and summers getting quite hot. So, when it comes to replacing your home windows, you’re probably wondering what part of the year is best for completing this project. You of course don’t want to complete a window replacement in the dead of winter and expose your house to the incredibly cold temperatures, but you also don’t want to wait for a warmer day and struggle to find a date that local window companies are available.

Weather: Spring or Fall

Most importantly, you’ll want to keep the weather in mind so that you’re not completing it on an extremely cold or hot day. For Indiana, the more temperate days happen during late spring and early fall. Not only will this ensure that everyone inside your home stays comfortable, but it will also prevent your HVAC system from having to run overtime to get things back to a normal, comfortable temperature after the windows are installed.

Competition: Fall or Winter

Unfortunately, many homeowners wait until the warmer months to start their projects which causes a higher demand for manufacturers and installers. This can make it harder to lock down a date that works well for you. Plus, many companies are aware of this peak season and subtly quote replacement projects at higher prices. If you’re determined to complete the process quickly and at a more affordable price, you might consider waiting until late fall or early winter.

No matter time of year you choose to replace your windows, you can expect reliable service and fair prices from L.J. Stone Company, Inc. Contact us today learn more about our replacement windows and installation service.

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