What to Consider Before Replacing a Bathtub

What to Consider Before Replacing a BathtubChange is a good thing: Take your bathroom, for example. After years of having the same old bathroom, you’re ready to make some updates, starting with the bathtub. Making major renovations like this can certainly be exciting, but don’t immediately jump the gun and start removing your tub ASAP. Here are a few things you’ll want to consider before replacing a bathtub that will also help guide you in the right direction:

What You’d Like to Replace It With

If you can’t imagine being without a bathtub, then you’ll probably want to replace your tub with a newer model. However, if you really haven’t been using it much in recent years, you may decide to convert it into a shower. An additional shower could prove to be a convenient upgrade for your home.

If You’ll Eventually Sell Your Home

Bathroom upgrades are long-term investments. Therefore, you’ll want to think about what your future goals are for your living situation. Will you be aging in place or are you eventually going to sell your home? If it’s the latter, you have to consider what buyers would want, which is usually a bathtub or some sort of tub/shower combination.

How Much Space You Have

Does your bathroom just feel very cramped? Replacing your bathtub with a barrier-free shower can help open up the space, and many shower systems nowadays can be customized with various storage options for you to store soaps, shampoos, and other bath products.

If you need further guidance for the best way to replace your bathtub, you can turn to the experts at L.J. Stone Co., Inc. As bathroom remodeling professionals that perform bathtub and shower replacements, we can help you determine what the right upgrade is for your home. Contact us today.

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