What Type of Window Is Most Energy Efficient?

What Type of Windows Are Most Energy-Efficient?

You probably don’t give too much thought about your windows, but they have a fairly large impact on your home. Perhaps the biggest way your windows influence your home is its energy efficiency. Have you ever stood next to any of your windows and noticed a strong draft? The wrong windows may as well be left wide open, that’s how poorly they are insulating your home. So, this can lead to the question: What type of window is most energy-efficient? The answer can be broken down into three categories:


Believe it or not, the style of your windows has a major influence on the energy-efficiency of your windows. Technically, picture windows are the most energy-efficient style because they do not open; they’re just one fixed piece of glass. However, homeowners usually prefer window styles that open; therefore, the most energy-efficient operable window style is casement. For a quick description, casement windows are hinged on one side and swing away from your home. Once they’re closed, however, the sash presses tightly against the frame so air cannot pass through. This differs from other types of windows that open by sliding along a track and, therefore, not designed to seal as tightly.


Equally important to consider for energy efficiency is the material you choose for your windows. There are several window materials available nowadays—all boasting their own thermal properties—but the two options that shine above the rest are vinyl and wood. Vinyl frames are designed to reduce air infiltration and also create a tight seal when installed. Wood window frames also boast excellent thermal performance, but they are prone to rotting and warping over time, which results in worse energy efficiency over the years. So, for the best combination of energy efficiency and value, vinyl frames are the way to go.


Of course, you shouldn’t just settle for the first set of vinyl windows you find—you want to be sure they’re also equipped with a number of energy-efficient features. For starters, the best kind of vinyl frames are insulated, usually with some type of foam. You also want your windows to have multiple panes of glass; one flimsy pane does little to prevent heat transfer. The best type of windows not only have double- or triple-pane glass, but also gas fills such as argon or krypton. And to top it all off, be sure the glass is covered in a UV-resistant coating to prevent the sun’s rays from heating up your home.

Energy-Efficient Windows From L.J. Stone Co., Inc.

If you’re wondering where to find such energy-efficient windows, you don’t have to look any further than L.J. Stone Co., Inc. As a leading home remodeling company serving Indiana residents, we know just how important it is to have energy-efficient windows outfitting your house. Our vinyl replacement windows boast many of the impressive features mentioned above and are available in the casement style. However, we also offer a number of other popular window styles, all of which are designed to help minimize heat transfer while also enhancing the appearance of your home. Perhaps, most importantly is the fact that we can expertly install these windows ourselves, ensuring that a proper and air-tight installation is performed.

If our replacements sound like the type of energy-efficient windows you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information. One of our dedicated team members would be happy to discuss our products more in-depth with you over the phone or in person for a complimentary consultation.

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