Modern Bathroom Trends

Once upon a time, virtually every home had a yellow or pink bathroom and bath/shower combinations were a staple. Along with many aspects of life, bathroom trends change over the years. While some design themes change year to year, there’s been an overall shift towards simplicity and elegance. After all, these are two things that will never go out of

Small Bathroom Redesign Ideas

It’s fairly typical that the larger the canvas or space you have, the more design opportunities you have. However, this doesn’t mean that remodeling a small area, such as a guest or half bathroom, is impossible. You can still create a completely new look that will impress guests and even make it a more functional space—and at a fraction of

Will Remodeling a Bathroom Add Value to Your Home?

When you’re considering selling your home, it only makes sense for you to want it in tip-top shape. Even if you’re not immediately ready to move, remodeling parts of your home, like the bathroom, can make it easier to sell when you do make the decision to move. You may even be wondering if remodeling a bathroom adds value to

Are Walk-In Tubs Worth It?

Are Walk-In Tubs Worth It? Any time you consider making a significant change or upgrade to your home, a big question will pop into your head: Is it worth it? This can be especially true when you’re contemplating having a walk-in bathtub installed. Replacing your everyday bathing area with a walk-in tub can be a big decision, as well as

Walk-In Tub vs. Walk-In Shower: Which is Best for You?

  The bathroom in your home gets used daily and a good majority of your time in the bathroom is spent bathing, either in a bathtub or a shower. What happens, though, when neither of these fixtures works for you and your lifestyle anymore? Whether you find yourself needing a safer bathing option for you or a loved one, or