Are You Wondering, ‘How Do Walk-In Tubs Work?’ Here’s a Quick Guide

How Do Walk In Tubs Work?If you or a loved one has limited mobility or a disability, then everyday tasks like bathing might be difficult or even impossible to do. You shouldn’t have to give up your independence or feel unsafe, however, while trying to bathe. When searching for a safer option, you’ve most likely stumbled upon walk-in bathtubs, but may be wondering how exactly they work.

The Basics

Walk-in tubs are appropriately named, as they’re designed for you to simply step into. A walk-in bathtub features higher walls with a door and a comfortable chair-height seat. Once you’re inside the tub and seated, it will quickly fill with warm water, and the door will seal tightly to prevent any possible leaks.


While there are many different models available with a variety of characteristics, the walk-in bathtubs offered by L.J. Stone Company, Inc., are crafted with several safety features. An ultra-low entry threshold, non-slip flooring, and a grab handle ensure you can safely enter and exit your new walk-in bath.


Walk-in bathtubs aren’t just for safety; they often feature a number of luxurious aspects as well. L.J. Stone offers walk-in tubs with pulsing hydrotherapy jets and heated seats and backrests. So, while these baths are easy to get into, you may be so relaxed once inside you’ll never want to get out!


Having a walk-in tub installed in your home can be just as easy as bathing in one. Most walk-in baths, like the ones installed by L.J. Stone, are designed to fit into the existing space of your current tub or shower.

If you’re still curious how walk-in tubs work or are looking for a company to expertly install one in your home, then contact L.J. Stone Company, Inc., today. We proudly install these luxurious fixtures for homeowners throughout Indianapolis as well as surrounding Indiana cities.

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