A Tub with Doors Can Make Bathing Safer for People with Limited Mobility Living in Indianapolis, Muncie, Kokomo, IN, and Nearby Areas

Tub with Doors Indianapolis IN | Muncie | KokomoIf you have mobility challenges or are physically disabled, you might benefit greatly from having L.J. Stone Company, Inc. install a tub with doors in your home, as we have for people living in Indianapolis, Muncie, Kokomo, IN, and other cities throughout the state.

If you have poor balance, strength, or flexibility, and your risk for slipping and falling while bathing is increased, a conventional bathtub leaves you with two choices: you can either continue bathing by yourself unsafely, or you can have other people help you bathe. With one of L.J. Stone’s tubs, known also as a walk-in tub, you won’t necessarily need to choose between jeopardizing your safety and sacrificing your independence. That’s because our tubs come equipped with a range of safety features, including an easy-access door in the tub wall, a slip-resistant floor, safety grab bar, built-in bench seat, and easy-to-reach controls—all designed to reduce the dangers associated with using an ordinary tub.

In addition to the safety features described above, here are a few of the many benefits of a tub with doors installed by L.J. Stone:

  • Our walk-in tubs are made of durable non-porous acrylic, which means they will resist mold and mildew and won’t crack, peel, or fade, the way a metal or fiberglass tub could.
  • After we receive your tub from the manufacturer, we can install it as quickly as in a single day, so you can enjoy your new tub right away.
  • You’ll receive a two-year written warranty on our workmanship in addition to the manufacturer’s warranty on the tub with doors, helping you rest easy knowing that your investment is protected.
  • And much more

Bathing thoroughly on a daily basis is important to your health and well-being. It should be an enjoyable part of your daily routine that leaves you feeling refreshed. If you’re at all fearful about injuring yourself in the bathtub, contact L.J. Stone to hear how a tub with doors installed in your home in Indianapolis, Muncie, Kokomo, Indiana, or anywhere else in the region might help put your mind at ease. L.J. Stone is a family-owned home improvement company that Central Indiana homeowners have trusted since 1967. In addition to walk in tubs, we also install bathtub liners, shower liners, and handicap showers, also known as walk in showers.

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