Unlock Comfort and Safety With a Walk-In Bathtub in New Castle, IN

A walk-in bathtub, also known as a step-in or safety bathtub, is a specially designed bathtub with an easy-entry door. It’s created to provide a safer and more accessible bathing experience, particularly for individuals with mobility limitations, seniors, or those with disabilities. At L.J. Stone Company, we are proud to provide walk-in-bathtub installation services for families in New Castle, Indiana.

What Are the Benefits of a Walk-In Bathtub?

Walk-in bathtubs are designed to enhance safety, comfort, and accessibility during the bathing process. These tubs feature several design elements that make bathing easier and safer, like:

  • Low step-in threshold: Walk-in bathtubs have a door with a low step-in threshold, typically just a few inches high, which makes it easy to enter and exit the tub without having to step over a high edge, reducing the risk of tripping or falling.
  • Watertight door:The door on walk-in bathtubs is designed to create a watertight seal when closed, preventing water from leaking out of the tub while in use. It is easy to open and close, typically with a lever or handle.
  • Built-in seating:Most walk-in tubs come with a built-in, contoured seat, allowing users to sit down and bathe comfortably without having to lower themselves all the way to the tub’s floor. The seat is usually slip-resistant for added safety.
  • Wide entry door:In addition to being watertight, the entry door is usually wide enough to accommodate most users comfortably. Some models even have outward-swinging doors that can be useful in cases of emergency.

Turn to Our Team for Walk-In Bathtub Installation Services

Walk-in bathtubs are an excellent choice for those looking to enhance safety, comfort, and independence in their daily bathing routines. If you or a loved one could use the convenience of a walk-in bathtub, let us help with the installation process.

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