The Company to Call for a Walk-In Tub Installation at Your Indianapolis, IN, Home

Walk-In Tub Installation Indianapolis IN

Whether you plan to age in place in your home, have a disability or limited mobility, or are just looking for a safer bathing option, L.J. Stone Company, Inc., can help you out. We can perform a walk-in tub installation at your Indianapolis, Indiana, home, replacing your standard bathtub or shower that may be too difficult or dangerous to use. With a walk-in tub, there’s no need to worry about stepping over a high barrier when it’s time to bathe. Instead, you’ll be able to continue washing yourself safely and independently for as long as you live in your same home.

You Can’t Go Wrong Turning to Us for Your Walk-In Tub Installation

Our walk-in bathtubs are designed to fit into the existing dimensions of your current tub or shower, allowing for an easy installation. In fact, our trained technicians can expertly install your walk-in tub in less than a day, so you can start enjoying a safer bathing experience right away. You’ll quickly be able to start using your walk-in tub and its many features, including:

  • A wide-opening door and low-entry threshold for an easy transition
  • A chair-height seat so you can sit comfortably while you bathe
  • Non-slip flooring and a grab handle for added stability
  • Pulsing hydrotherapy jets to massage your legs, feet, and back
  • A heated seat and backrest to soothe sore muscles

A Walk-In Tub Installation That Will Add Flair to Your Bathroom’s Aesthetic

When you turn to L.J. Stone for your investment in a new walk-in tub, you can count on getting a bathing fixture that adds a significant amount of visual appeal to your bathroom. After all, the wet area of a bathroom is often the first place you should address when you’re looking to renovate for refreshed beauty. You can be sure that, by partnering with us, you’ll have plenty of eye-catching tub options and colors to choose from. Not to mention, the tubs we install are made from a nonporous acrylic that resists staining, cracking, fading, and chipping over time. So, not only will your tub look great upon installation—that appearance will last for a long time to come.

And, for as much as your walk-in tub installation will do for your bathroom’s aesthetic, it will also make your cleaning days far easier. These tubs only require the occasional wipe-down with warm water and soap, making them far easier to maintain than your average bathing fixture.

Protecting Your Walk-In Tub Installation With Generous Warranties

Our walk-in tubs are truly second to none, both in terms of quality and beauty. And our installation work is phenomenal to match. But to give you even more peace of mind, we back our walk-in tubs and installations with comprehensive warranties, allowing you to rest assured that your investment is protected for a many years to come.

If you or a loved one would benefit from a walk-in tub installation, contact L.J. Stone Company, Inc. today. We’ll start by scheduling a complimentary consultation at your home in the Indianapolis, IN, community.

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