The Best Window Styles for Bathrooms

Best Window Styles for BathroomsThere are many factors that go into choosing new windows for your home. When deciding on window styles, for example, many people like to take it room by room. The room that will probably have your biggest focus is the bathroom—between the extra need for privacy and ventilation, it’s important to put special attention into choosing the windows for this space. To help narrow down your selection, here are some of the best window styles for bathrooms:


When it comes to the bathroom, awning windows are one of the most popular styles. These windows are hinged at the top and swing outwards, which makes them excellent for ventilation—a key feature in a room that can get quite steamy. Fresh air is the only thing that awning windows will let into your house, though; their smaller size ensures that nosy neighbors and passersby alike can’t see into your bathroom. Of course, this is a key feature for the most private room in your home.


While awning windows are fantastic, some people can’t afford to have a window swing out from their home—whether due to a nearby tree branch or the need to hold an air conditioner in the summertime. Not to worry, because sliders are a great window style for bathrooms. Just as the name suggests, sliding windows horizontally glide open and closed, making them easy to operate when you’re in the middle of your daily bathroom routines.

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