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Remodeling your home can be both exciting and scary! We here at L.J. Stone Co., Inc. make it our priority to give you the very best customer support possible in order to help minimize the “scary” and maximize the EXCITEMENT!

We’re honored you chose L.J. Stone Co., Inc. for your project.  Your home is one of your most important and valuable assets.  We don’t take the opportunity to work with you lightly.  To us, in our line of work, there is NOTHING more important than providing high quality products backed with superior craftsmanship to help turn your house into your dream home. We strive for the best, but from time to time it is possible something could be missed. Though it is not often, it happens, and we don’t want to waste a second in being able to make things right. This is why we offer you several ways that could help. Check the frequently asked questions below. If they don’t give you the answer you need, scroll further and report your problem to us. Then, we will promptly get in contact with a solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

While you wait on your Installation

Who do I contact if I have questions about my project? Your Designer is your primary contact for all questions prior to the project being schedule for installation. Once the project has been given an installation schedule, you will get a call from our Installation Scheduling Manager. As a back up our Customer Support Team is also available. The direct Phone Number to the Customer Support Center is 800-466-5044.

What do I need to do to prepare for our installation? Once you have a scheduled date for installation, we recommend that you clear a path to your project. Make sure that there is nothing in the way to trip on or anything that may be easily knocked over. If you have personal items in the project area that you would like to stay clean, please place them in another area away from the project. Your home and your things are important to us so we will treat everything with the utmost respect, but your assistance is greatly appreciated.

What are you doing while I wait? First, we confirm all of your paperwork is filed correctly without any missing details. Second, if applicable, we submit any financing needed for approval. Once we receive approval, we enter all the materials needed into an order from our manufacturing partners. Third, we wait and monitor the progress of the production of your materials. Next, they ship your materials and when we receive them, we count and measure to make sure all have arrived with the precision we expect. Finally, we assign an Installation Specialist to you and give you a call to schedule our arrival.

Can I make changes to my order before installation? It really depends on what changes are needed and where we are in the process. Contact your designer immediately for any changes that you would like to make.

How many people will be in my home for installation? For most of our projects there should only be two people in your home. Your installation specialist and an assistant.

How long should my installation take? We do our best to complete most of our projects done in a day. However, every now and then there can be a delay in that process. On most of our projects we should not preoccupy your home for more than two days.

Will there be a mess from the installation? Although we do our best to keep dust to a minimum, it does travel. We will drape the area with plastic to keep the majority of the dust centralized in the area that is being work in.

Will you track a lot of dirt and debris through my home? We wear protective shoe coverings in and out of the work area, plus we will lay down protective blankets or rosin paper for additional protection of carpets and flooring in general.


After your Installation

What cleaning products should I use to clean my new bath or shower? We suggest Formula 409 or Wet & Forget Shower. The use of scouring pads or abrasive cleansers will dull the surface. Always review individual cleansers’ instructions. Rinse thoroughly after cleaning.  You may also use vinegar and water to soften mineral deposits. Use 1/2 cup Clorox Bleach per gallon of water as a disinfectant.

DO NOT USE* Original Clean Shower, Clean Shower for Plastic Showers & Glass, Soft Scrub, Dow disinfectant cleaner, Dow Scrubbing Bubbles, Scrub Free, Lysol disinfectant cleaner, acetone, Lestoil, ammonia, fingernail polish remover, aerosol cleaners, or scouring pads. *Use of these chemicals will cause a dull surface and/or an easily recognizable chemical crack. This will void your product warranty. There is no need to use abrasive cleaners. Abrasive cleaners dull the gloss over a period of years. In extreme cases where the recommended cleaners do not work, use a Chore Boy, Rinso or 3M non-scratch sponge pad. Make sure you use only the ones recommended for Teflon or non-stick surfaces.

If I get damage due to weather will you fix it? If we have installed something to your home and you have damage to it due to weather, first report to your insurance company. Next give us a call at 877-544-2957 and we can schedule to have an insurance expert out to your home to evaluate the damages and provide a quote for your insurance company.


Report a problem

Fill out and submit the form below and please thoroughly explain the issue. We will look into it immediately and get back with you soon with a solution.

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