Should You Replace All of Your Windows at Once?

When it comes to updating your home windows, it’s natural to weigh your options. You may wonder if you should replace all of your windows at once, or only tackle one or two at a time. Like many other home improvement questions, the answer depends on your specific situation and budget. Below, we’ve outlined the reasons why you should opt

What Type of Window Is Most Energy Efficient?

You probably don’t give too much thought about your windows, but they have a fairly large impact on your home. Perhaps the biggest way your windows influence your home is its energy efficiency. Have you ever stood next to any of your windows and noticed a strong draft? The wrong windows may as well be left wide open, that’s how

Are Walk-In Tubs Worth It?

Are Walk-In Tubs Worth It? Any time you consider making a significant change or upgrade to your home, a big question will pop into your head: Is it worth it? This can be especially true when you’re contemplating having a walk-in bathtub installed. Replacing your everyday bathing area with a walk-in tub can be a big decision, as well as

The Best Windows for Each Room

  Unless you built your home yourself, you probably never gave much thought to the types of windows that adorn your house. Now, it’s time to replace your windows with newer models and you may be wondering which window styles are the best for each room. There technically aren’t any right or wrong styles—you have complete control over how you

Walk-In Tub vs. Walk-In Shower: Which is Best for You?

  The bathroom in your home gets used daily and a good majority of your time in the bathroom is spent bathing, either in a bathtub or a shower. What happens, though, when neither of these fixtures works for you and your lifestyle anymore? Whether you find yourself needing a safer bathing option for you or a loved one, or

Are Replacement Windows a Good Investment?

Throughout the years, there are plenty of upgrades you’ll make to your home. While the reasons can vary, people generally make improvements that are a good investment. If it’s been a decade or two since your windows were last updated, then replacing them might be next on your home project list – and if they aren’t, then they should be.

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